Dec 23, 2015

Ngủ ngon em nhé!

Nhiều điều không như mình nghĩ...cũng buồn và đau lắm. Nhưng cũng không thể so sánh với những hoàn cảnh khó khăn hơn ngoài kia. Xót quá những đứa trẻ không nơi nương tựa, không quần áo mặc, bị bỏ đói ngày này qua ngày nọ. Hôm nay ra đường gặp 1 bé trai khoảng chừng 3-4 tuổi, người ngộm dơ hầy, mặt nhem nhuốt, cầm nữa ổ bánh mì không vừa đi vừa ăn; không biết em có người thân trông theo không, mình nhìn em mà lòng nặng ngàn tấn gần như ngạt thở. Em ơi thương em quá! Những đứa trẻ với những tâm hồn trong sáng và ngây thơ nhất, không biết đời thật sự ra sao, hãy cho em một tuổi thơ đẹp nhất, hãy cho em những vòng tay ấm áp tình người. Mong em có những giấc ngủ ngon!

Mar 24, 2015

17.5 weeks!
2 days ago probably was the best night I ever had because I did not feel sick at all. Most of the nights I feel weird, I cannot describe how discomfort it is but it was the best, I felt light and healthy and like flying lol!!!! Pregnant ladies out there would understand my non-sense wording.
I got questioned often whether I crave for food madly; fortunate for my husband, I don’t. I may tell him I’d like to have it something now, but if there is no way or not able to get it, then it’s fine for me; I could think of something else. Not like others that I heard she would do anything in the world to have a particular food that she craves for; and that could happen at 2am in the morning lol. I love resting so that wouldn’t happen. But funny how I mostly think of places I would love to rest at, like some resorts, by the swimming pool, less crowded places, etc.
And now is the moment I feel HOT all the time. Its annoys me, you can’t picture how the heat today in Ho Chi Minh city! I can’t stand the AC these days because I’m having bad cough ever! Poor my husband, he has to turn off the AC several times at night.
Here what upsets me, I thought at the 17 weeks I would get back to how I was but I just puked horribly before dinner. Second, seafood is my all time favorite but my child doesn’t “like” it (T_T); I get red spots all over my stomach. So I have to ask the doctor next time I see her.
I do try hard to eat more since I want my baby to be healthy though many say pregnant ladies can eat a horse but not me for some reasons... Suddenly I want chocolate bagel with cream cheese from Panera bread!!!!! Too bad Vietnam doesn’t have it! Great! I could be so random on food!!!!

toasted please! I hate seating here and looking at these bagel pictures! 
~Happy Pregnant moment~

Mar 12, 2015

16 weeks!!! 
I got loads better from nausea, finally could enjoy food! My weight however has been the same, 51kg all these 4 months so my family gets worried. I don’t really crave for anything’ but when say I front a food court then I know what I want. Most of the time, I think of some sour fruits which ‘indicates it’s girl,’ while those sweets that I craved for before being pregnant bore me out. Yes, I’m having a girl! Yahoo! My experienced friend said some people start to eat non-stop at the 5th month on and the weight starts to rise average 1kg/week. I’m not sure about that but will see. 

Just browsing around my old pics, buffalo wild wings got me go wow. I need them in my life, right now! ;) My hubs took me here last year when I was in New Hampshire and it was Yumm! 

Food happens to me very sudden most of the time. I can’t plan out menu for the next day. It’s weird. Many pregnant woman knows exactly what I want and they could eat 4 dishes at once, not me unless 10 kinds of dishes seat in front of me then I could choose but only 2 dish max. 
at 16th weeks, I’m mostly out of being nausea, but once in a while I still have it and that whole day I get really tired, feel like passing out in seconds, and my head can’t function at all. Plus, I’m out of focus sometimes, my head runs with million things at the same time like colors, food, people; all of sudden they circle in my head so nonsense lol. 

Feb 5, 2015

I am 3 months pregnant!

Which explains why I haven’t blogged since the previous one. I miss writing, sharing my thoughts to the ‘world’.
This is my first time being pregnant, I am nervous but exciting same time, so is my husband. I’m still in my first trimester and it has been hard though it’s getting a lot better from nausea, sleepy, dizzy, so on. First 2 months, I kept vomiting all day but thanks to my husband who has been there for me all time. He cares which means a lot to me. Though he could not bear the nausea for me but I knew he would if he could. Right now, I only feel sick around dinner time till I sleep. Therefore, I try to eat in the morning and in the afternoon. I mostly eat banana at night time.
When I got to 6.5 weeks, I heard my baby’s heart beat, I couldn’t describe how I felt but it was super emotional/tense; I barely replied to the doctor’s questions properly.
Many pregnant women got high-temper (according to what I researched), or sensitive towards anything; fortunately I don’t get angry but just silently upset. I have to admit that my nose gets so sensitive like the smell of my drunk husband, woods, fruits, trash, etc. LOL It’s hard for me to hug him when he’s drunk because I may puke and that’s not nice. I also can’t stand garlic, fish sauce,etc….I also could cry from movies in 1 second, very emotional!
During this first trimester, I haven’t gained much weights, yet; but I could see the little bump. Those jeans, skinny pants, etc are no longer wearable! I heard from the 4th month on I may see massive change. I don’t mind gaining weights, I could work it out later. All I mind is to have a healthy baby.
~Time to go, later!

Dec 23, 2014


I’m back finally!

Recently I bought two liquid eyeliners in Singapore.

I’ve been using dolly wink eyeliner for years, absolutely love it! This time I try silky girl and it’s just like dolly wink in quality. Pretty exciting! This package costs about $14 Sing while dolly wink is about $24 Sing. 
silky girl is darker, that is the only different. Other than that, they are both thin lines and easy to apply.