Dec 23, 2014


I’m back finally!

Recently I bought two liquid eyeliners in Singapore.

I’ve been using dolly wink eyeliner for years, absolutely love it! This time I try silky girl and it’s just like dolly wink in quality. Pretty exciting! This package costs about $14 Sing while dolly wink is about $24 Sing. 
silky girl is darker, that is the only different. Other than that, they are both thin lines and easy to apply. 


Jun 27, 2014


It's been forever since my last post, my 'confession.' Finding tough problems in life, what keeps coming is the question. Every-time I face problems, I recall my Dad's advice "learn to accept to make things easier." I know I can't change, could only make it better.  
I've been feeling down lately, sad, lack of sleep, etc. and my skin gets even worse so I drink many vitamins and all that jazz for the sag of my health.
I control my anger super well even my Mom has to applause me on that. However, of-course it comes with a scenario behind that - STRESS!
yesterday, "my people" came to me and said "omg you look terrible, what's wrong?" ... Thanks for the compliment! I don't look terrible, I just fell un-comfortable. Seriously, my face-emotion-figures seem so obvious? But one of "my people" sent me a picture though she knows nothing what troubles me and said "come 'zen' with me, for 2 hours since you can't do 10 days-away."
I had a good laugh looking at this picture. Heard about zen class for a while now and I can't wait to 'zen' out. I need help.
You can't tell anyone about your bearings and troubles sometimes right? They may not understand and that would bother you more. like myself, I can't really talk to "my people" everything even my dearly Mom. I trust my Mom most but 'transmitting' my sadness to her is not a good solution, she would feel sad and worried. So most of time I bear all sadness in me for few days, then I get myself back to the busy life slowly, but turn around those sadness return; simply I haven't forgotten. Sadness is harmful. Just keep that in mind people and try to find solutions for yourself. And I'm going to 'zen'. 
Be healthy. Be happy. Live your life. 

Mar 3, 2014

Feb Hits

1. appeal solutions by nature’s bounty. this one right here is my most favorite supplement. It helps my nails and skin effectively (unfortunately not my hair…). I have about 20 softgels left. Strongly recommended and make sure you’re 18 and above. 
2. Muji concealer, BEST one out of plenties that I’ve tried. 
3. Gurlain face powder
4. Lorac evening out kit, face powder and concealer. A+ for the face powder, I find the concealer is just alright, just as satisfied as the Muji. The packaging is glam. 
5.Atorrege for acne, I got it in Singapore at a random shop surprising it works.


Feb 19, 2014

I’ve just married, for little over 2 months now and definitely is a big change for me. I take this challenge in the good way preparing myself into a woman I’ve always wanted to be. Previously I said I wanted hugs and kisses from him for the V-day. Well, I got more than that and I think I deserve his love haha. He took me out for dinner and gifted me chocolate. How sweet! We talked about random things, and I got so many recalls of precious moments when we first met and hung out. In relationship, serious ones, once we set goal for permanent, work for it, embrace and respect top keys. I hate bearing regrets so better do at best, and I believe we can do all things just up to our choice as rather do it right or other.

Guess what mood I'm in. Shopping like I really mean it lol, it becomes dalily routine now checking out site after site online; and finally come up with a list of beauties:
1. Mini luggage celine: I don't now. It has been what I always wanted just price tag that gets me confused haha. Truly, I could cram many crap into it but picture it on my petite figure, and my daily outfits, I have to rethink.

2. Burberry Bridle house little crush 
I have a crush on you, true! 
3. Vince Camuto Tote Billy 

Have a nice day now! lata!  

Feb 13, 2014

DaNang Diary
This is Intercontinental resort at crazy price, but the price speaks for its high rate of facilities, views, etc. Highly recommended. 

Danang, Vietnam. I’m impressed by its beauty truly who doesn't enjoy sightseeing the beach, those waves and sand... I love dipping my toes into the sand. I stay at Ocean Villas just as its name, each villa has full service from kitchen to laundry facilities, and private pool. Really a fantastic trip.

So Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Previous V-Days I was alone, not this year; after getting married, V-Day seem so different I don’t have nervously-longing feeling just because I’m loved everyday, not just this one day in 365 days. One special day isn’t worth a whole life being loved so I don’t expect anything other than a kiss and a smile =). Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!