May 26, 2012

Inner Peace

A clear blue sky and bright green trees is a better image right? But to some people it is nice. If we try to stay positive, everything eventually turns better.

Today, I went to a dermatologist to cure my acne. I've struggled with acne and and met many dermatologists but acne still happens one after another; therefore, I ignored it. But my Mom said 'nothing is more important than your health, you are a girl, taking care of your skin is a must.'

So I did today, he said my acne can be cured if I could follow 3 rules, beside taking some pills for the first 6 weeks:
1. Reduce sugar, fat and oil (most suggested by dermatologists in Vietnam)
2. Reduce milk, even sugar free milk (this is strange because I've never heard of)
3. Reduce stress and worry 

Then I got blood test, I asked the lady why, she said "he wants to test my liver and cholesterol.'" Sounds pretty good (though my arm got bruised) so I will try my best following those 3 basic rules. 

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