Jul 7, 2012


he likes games, he likes drinking
and he likes me.
he likes simple so do his outfits 
and he doesn't like talking much 
keep it simple instead
it's simple as that

there are differences
from problems to other problems
but we end up in a relationship
it's simple as that
just like others we've gone through many difficulties 
just like others we've broke up and made up
simply we can't be apart

we get upset with other 
even knowing for so long
just like others we think one must have changed
just like others we learn to let it go
simply we miss each other 

love happens from your care
love dies from your ignorance 
it's simple as that.

respecting other's interests is important, yet they're not consistent and if we understand, it's simple as that 
Have a great weekend everyone!

pic source: vi.sualize.us

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