Jul 23, 2012

Nephews & weekend

Seafood hot pot on Saturday night with family. We also had fried oyster with egg (didn't dare to eat raw), it was great fortunately. Desserts we had durian and coconut smoothie. 
My 3 years old nephew has discovered the world in different shade! 
The younger boy with my Victoria's Secret sleeping eye mask! 

Again on Sunday I dined out with them, this younger boy will turn 1 in a month!. 
Oh my, not just him but I couldn't help myself from staring at this Fanny ice cream mountain. 
wicked addiction (Bakery Story app) ~ I slept late because I was busy baking at my bakery shop haha (yes I finally own one). I spent loads of money on furniture ^^. My next goal is two expand the shop and buy another oven and drink-maker; and definitely have to decorate my shop. I'm excited!

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