Aug 21, 2012

flower and insects

have you seen this flower (Khaya ivorensis)? it would last forever even w/out water ^^. The tree is right at my office gate (and i just found out after 3 months of working here, how unawareness I am!). Right at the moment picking it up, I asked my colleague if it's real (because it's totally like made out of wood), he said "are you serious?" and I was like "you know what, never mind" lol. such a beauty!

Next pic may disgust you so be aware!
right side - butterfly actually is my fav insect of all. I was so sad seeing her about to die. I actually heard of a place where is seen as butterfly heaven, i will update as soon as I remember. 
left side - they are not ants, not sure what they are. laid eggs right on my window (they get me itch just by looking at them...).

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