Aug 28, 2012

jewels & shampoo

lalala lush! =) have you heard of dry shampoo? if not, it's for those who have no time to shampoo and do not leave the house with dirty hair, simple appy the powder on your scalp, massage, no wash and go! ^^. of course it's just for "emergency." came along is a putty for hand sample and lush newspaper with overwhelming products info. 

jewelmint: love the packaging and each jewel piece is amazing. me wearing "sweet heart" jewel set. From L to R: ring, necklace and a jewel set of earrings and necklace. one problem about jewelmint ring is that the smallest size is 6 while 5 is mine, so a lil lose for me, but thank god it's still wearable. 
mango: 80% brass ring, therefore its alike gold appeal. I also love its packaging for such small ring, I could store so many things in it. 

Credits for my love who sent all of these to me, xoxo.

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