Sep 3, 2012

Cosmetics storage

my new crystal cosmetics storage with multi sectors for lipsticks, mascara, etc and 3 drawers at the bottom I use for blush, face power and eye shadow. It's about $16. 
 These are not all so I may need another one, but they are what I use most. If i'm on rush, all I need are eyeliner and mascara actually. 

 So, I just had Independence Day break ,Sep.2nd, I got Monday off while in the states you had labor day =). Yesterday it was, and I had brunch at a vietnamese cuisine call "Dong Pho" restaurant on Ho Xuan Huong St. Here is a corner of it:

And me with my casual outfit for riding my motorbike during the holiday.(*HDR option on ifone doesn't always give out a great out.)

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