Sep 20, 2012


A while ago I have asked my boyfriend to purchase some jewelmint for me during the sale season ($29.99 for each is too much because some items as I view on the site looks quite cheap, so i waited for sale and I got 3 for $54).
The packagings are great, and i think my bought products are heavy-duty well made. Here were the purchases (I have showed off on previous post):
I got many compliments on the right side (sweetheart set) and the left side (bell du jour ring) and myself are very pleased with them. I haven't worn the middle one yet, but one thing I dislike about it is the stones are glued on the foundations, general, I dislike jewelry are made by glue; other than that the look is nice. 
Recently my boyfriend has sent me a website called Site Jabbe shows  Negative Feedback about jewelmint and mostly about monthly membership automatically charge ($29.99) w/out any purchase , so did my boyfriend. Their membership policy is not shown clearly as well. So I went back to the site and check the account, it says "you are not a monthly member, your credit card will not be charged," but is already charged so clearly they are out of control (purposely!? - I'm not sure). They better fix it because the priority amount of negative feedbacks are effecting their reputation. It's sad to know because they got many good unique designs.

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