Oct 2, 2012

xdlov dress & maybelline powder

 I'm very lucky by getting the fabric for free, I only pay for the tailor $6, and he has not returned my drawing of this dress yet. I actually got gifted tons of cotton fabrics (plain colors only) from a friend, some of them are low quality though; this dress is one of them. But it's still wearable. So there are more to come...^^

***Maybelline in HCM city***
What is so special about this? The Vietnamese version cover and low price (~$7). Behind the box, it says specially made for Asian skin tones, thumb up, this one is 03 Natural and it works great on my skin, I really like it. Since it's made in  Malaysia and for Asian skin tones, I don't think it's sold in America?...
 I'm trying to be a nice gal so I will give it away to my sister since she needs one and I have plenty. 

---Rose snapshots---

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