Nov 1, 2012

November begins

I can't believe October is over that I don't remember what I've done. As November comes I always feel behind since I have no plan for next year besides hoping to gather with my boyfriend who I haven't seen for over half year now. Or should I let the nature does my plan...(!?)
But I do have good finds to share with you. Below are all mid bags which can store all your necessaries to work, and the colors are so right (for me). I'm not going to lie, I'm a sucker for bags and shoes so are you ladies, one of the reason that upsets me sometimes is I don't have a chance to walk around MA Malls/ NH Malls to 'meet' new arrivals and stock up my wardrobe with clearances at random shops. Vietnam is not a place to shop if you demand good quality at reasonable price or trendy yet qualified; but for short-term use purposes, it's prolly the place but just be aware of unqualified products. There are booming online retailers here selling global items which hope to meet current fashion desires, we will see about that. 

2011 flash back
I need to gain more weights seriously and actually it's been so hard. During the past half year I was avoiding sugars and fats for skincare's sake however I'm starting to 'consume' them in order to gain weights but they are not the only sources, it's protein that counts so that's on my list as well. 
So just you know cutting off sweets and fats did help me clear out my skin and so if you are suffering with acne you may consider that. =) 

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