Dec 4, 2012

Floral look

top - Topshop
pants - Topshop 
jacket - BP
A great fun look that is appropriate for work (+jacket) or out with your friends.
I often carry my jacket/cardigan along just in case a situation pops up that requires an appropriate look. =) I also store flats/heels in my trunk.

top - my very old designed floral top
Few accessories that I bought at charity fair.
A closed up at the smokey quartz silver ring (92.5 silver which is a plus) made in Indonesia, for $18 which is not bad at all since it's charity fund, it's even worth the paying. My sister was also supportive by buying loads of dark chocolate.
A glance at Charity bazaar (global) - it was very crowded and disorganized. 

Lastly, flower of the week, Gerbera.
Recently, I found these colored stones at a market and thought it'd look great in these crystal vases, plus it makes easier to arrange the flowers. I love it! =)

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