May 13, 2012

Good treats

Chewy Juinor donuts. Have you heard if we eat less sugar, we would live longer? 
and sugar is one of the reason causing zits, :(, which I'm having trouble with. My Dad just asks me to control myself (lol). 

Recently, my family was gifted a growing plant "machine" called Greenlife from Korea. No soil necessary. 
This is a type of vegie that I don't know the name for until they get mature I guess (lol); that is the result in 2 days, 4 more days they will be ready to eat. Last time I grew 700gr bean sprouts in 48 hours (5cm tall), super fast!
By the way, I'm also growing pennywort in the backyard, I'm not confident they will live...(lol), but will see.   

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