May 15, 2012

A woman

More than a hundred years ago, a real story, a girl was arranged a marriage with a wealthy man she didn't know. The day she saw him, she got disappointed. For 3 days after the wedding, she scrolled herself in sleeping-mat every night so the man couldn't touch her.

On the fourth day, the man's family decided to tide her up and drown her to the river - she heard, and ran away as fast as she could, passed through fields and field. Finally, she got back to her parents' arms.

Not too far from her home, a single dad with children had his eyes on her; and he married her. They had children together. But then his ex-wife came around and kept giving her hard time. She decided to leave with her children.

A third man entered her life, had children together and lived happily forever-after. Not for so long after she'd left the second man, he passed away.

Picture of the raining week

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