Nov 29, 2012


Reasons why I'm doing this is just for having many thoughts of how my life has changed and I just want to write about it as a memory/reminder and may be some goals for tomorrows.

Little Intro:
13 years childhood in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where I used to adore (I was a ballet dancer at the age of 5-6); 2.5 years later grown-up in Canada and 8 years in United States; and now I'm back to Vietnam where I adore less due to few personal issues. Education background: business administration, and 1/2 year of fashion design which I really enjoyed. Food: I'm a sweets/snack/coffee consumer. I love taking random pictures. Currently I'm an office girl (quite dry and boring) after constantly switching several.

Why do I have this blog?
There are so much inspirations and things I want to do beside doing paper works. I started to make clothes for barbie when I was 7 and I kept drawing butterflies and landscape around that age as well. I've always love pink but not so much apply that on clothes. I choose colors on my mood; but could never go wrong with black. Random things I create or see I'd love to post them here, having a blog is like having reasons to keep up your hobbies and habits  I still find it's interesting to design to have them tailored. Whenever my designs are made, I'm highly thrilled and just want to show them right away; I have to admit sometimes the finished pieces are not how I expected, very disappointed - ok..actually be honest, I have to concentrate on the pattern's characteristics more. I love collecting patterns, buttons, etc. Sometimes I eager to paint but I still haven't... though I have ideas of what I like to paint. Should I make a deadline to make it happen?! ^^

What's my style?
I don't have a favorite style, pretty much anything depends on my mood. I could be girly today, tom boy tomorrow, or lady-like another day. but I do like layering.

What are my inspirations?
Fashion blogs, colors, nature, home interiors, shapes, etc.

What are my favorite brands?
Zara, JCrew, Madewell,  A&F, Forever21, H&M, Mango, Topshop, 7 for all mankind, Cole Haan,  Jason Wu, Betsey Johnson, Lush, BP, Carole, etc.

What am I up to?
Travel! Keep designing clothes since it's my hobby. Having more self-outdoor pics. Paint. and... I have loads on my mind right now.

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