Jan 30, 2013

Acne updates

Not so long ago my skin was cleared up from acne and I stopped taking dermatologist's formulas; sadly it starts to attack me again though I don't consume much sugar nor coffee. I'm back to taking his pills for about 10 days now. I did little research on acne today because I eager for coffee and want to stop by the 1st Starbucks shop just launched in Ho Chi Minh City. Does coffee cause acne? Kind of because the caffeine stimulates sebaceous gland which clog the pores. Solution here is to choose decaffeinated coffee if you can't stop thinking of coffee lol. Other solution is choose coffee creamer that doesn't content hydrogenated vegetable oil and I usually take Nestle Coffee-mate which has it so goodbye Nestle. I have been treating myself very good from not drinking coffee for about more 2 months now. The research also said our body can cope 1-2 cups of coffee a day; but I will get a cup of coffee once a month =) and trying to drink lots of water. Clear skin overpowers my eager lol...
Though there is no official research that conclude caffeine cause breaks out yet; but I think trying is better than avoiding. Even tea that has caffeine but itself is great for health and skin and I drink tea literally every day... Hm... It's like everything has good and bad effects. I conclude it is very important to cleanse your face twice a day, control your emotions (thumb up for inner peace), stay stress free which I'm trying to do seriously. One more goal is I have to get on working out, I miss doing fitness really. =)

An interest source: Acne

PS. Over the weekend, I did homemade mask out of a cucumber and a lemon, it eliminates oil and freshen up after washing off. Lemon is a great source lighten blemish =). I'm going to try this method out for a month, let's see if it really works.

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