Apr 7, 2013

midnight diary

It was a long, long, long day!
1. I woke up pretty early and realized a giant zit on my forehead is gone, yay! 

2. found out milk and cereals are ‘gone’ as well.

3. suddenly I want to sew a peplum top (I wanted to have one long ago so I decided to try; though I studied years ago, as beginner so it seems unfamiliar even the sewing machine lol)
‘under processing”, it’s not done properly but hey, I got the figure lol, I’m making another one in orange color, better, lessons learned from this navy one. The mistake that I made on this one was the pattern cutting was on the wrong direction of fabric stretching, it’s crucial to notice whether it’s oneway stretch. This case, I’d have to place a zipper on the back to have ‘more room” to put on lol. Anyways it was fun and my second orange peplum seems easier to do now.
4. Around 2pm, I came to work with my dad at his office until 8pm, really, 8pm on Saturday, I was starving, tired, depressing, sleepy… but I got the stuff done. I dislike working on weekends especially on paper stuff.

5. went straight home and had dinner right away (also lunch).

6. pills, colorful vitamins 
7. Flashback on my nephews
they're grown up so fast, their look constantly change weekly. 
8. truth
I didn’t have any surgery on my face nor ever will. I obviously look different, big difference compared to 125lbs me in 2002-2005. Many have said my eyes, my nose and my jaw line are different, that’s true, :). My parents said the same thing. Funny when few peeps ensure that I did go on cosmetic surgery. And a few peeps have seen me with bare face and state that “you only ‘fix’ your jaw line didn’t you”, lol, no I didn’t not, I got slimmer that’s why. There are many ways to change your look w/out ‘knife’ nor ‘pain’, I’m saying make-up could do the magic or hairstyle. 
In my case, at the teenage age and all grown-up now are quite a change, naturally, and I feel great when I get compliments about my look. There is only one part of me that I want to change, my height, if I could be about 5’5 ^^.

9. At this moment, I’m craving for green-tea frap and I think I will have it 2morrow…at Doppio coffee on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai st, would be my 1st time actually.

10. Have a great weekend everyone!

P.s. recently here in Ho Chi Minh city is ‘heaticious'!!! 42C! This is mad! Yesterday, my friend drove me out for lunch (5ms to the place) and I got burned on my left thigh… >.< 

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