Jun 4, 2013

Back with few tips/issues ^^

I enjoy being in my room to glance at piles of old magazine pages; sometimes I found random personal notes here and there stuck in the pages such as
"FIN meeting at 2pm in the library." ~ dawn, I learned finance and I'm done with it. I suffered with acc and fin courses during school but I ended up with a well-done gpa. Not sure how I did it. Most interesting when I found my random furthermost fashion sketches during college and realized my tranquility of mind haha. THEN I got inspired, I sketch and sketch during weekends, nights after dinner and ran out to places to buy fabrics, not exactly living my best but at least I love what I do. I don't consider it at best just because best's definition doesn't exist but happiness does. That's my quality time. 
something delicate and flowy, and this is it, my maxi dressi for summer. 
Speaking of my fashion design sketch, sometimes the out-comes are not like what I imagine, turn out I get suspicious of what I do; but after all, I got experience and experience. 
As zillion times I mention about acne, I still have a few pop up once in while, but what stays is the scars. Many sources said scars can be treated with ease for those are within 2 year existence. I'm trying out Dermatix (scar reduction gel), wish me luck!
Water + lemon drops = great whiten teeth H2O! 
(This is my all time choice, it helps to digest maybe just me though, if I eat too much then water lemon definitely my go-to). 
I enjoy being with him so much! Love you kiddo! He loves watching kites on youtube, whenever he comes, he would steal my bro's ipad and refuse to return.lol. 

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