May 22, 2013

26 me…!

Hello world I’m 26, wow, 26 years that is a very long journey.
My birthday was celebrated with family and friends, all that matters. oh, and beautiful gifts, thank you all! right at the moment I turn 26, I got many beautiful text messages, facebook messages (I blocked my wall, oops ^^) and calls, they made me feel warm all inside. 
There were pizza, wings, daily dinner that my mom cooked; actually she didn’t remember my birthday and that’s no surprising. She even doesn’t remember her birthday, I love you Mom no matter what! 
My love! He loves food!

Tonight, I went out to have dinner (baked chicken) with my friends (old classmates), so I celebrated my birthday twice :). It was fun talking about how chubby I was years ago, and looked back out our old-days pictures.
The most beautiful thing within the simplest thing.

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