Oct 17, 2013

Bad entertainments

I barely played games even when I was small. I played most during childhood was making clothes for barbie. Many kids at my age/generation played Mario games, I did like it and played once in awhile with my brother who played it better. Pretty much not into any kinds of games. I dedicate most of my time for reading blogs/E magazines, etc. Till recently, I play candy crush nearly reach addiction 'disease.' I got scared once when my mind mapped out the candies during my sleep. Other time, my mom was talking to me but I couldn't reply properly because I didn't want to loose the game. Therefore, I have to deterrent myself from it. I hate the feeling of being pulled in something that is pretty unhealthy among them are sweets too lol. They are entertainment but unhealthy. why? because it took most of our times rather than do something more important like sports, talking to beloved people, cleaning the rooms, books, etc. After I passed on another level, I got so pleased but then I earn nothing from it besides another addiction. I have to admit that the game is fun and if I couldn't help myself from it then I should acknowledge the weak-point. 

Besides, I find many people look at their 'smart' phone every 5 seconds like their world is in there. I check my phone quite often but not as much rapidly. Sometime I wish I could throw away my fone for one day (but that has to guarantee no trouble visits). When people talk to me and I stare at my phone, I find it disrespectful after all. But I stare my phone when un-beloved people talk to me to find way out lol. Just some thought of a day.

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