Feb 19, 2014

I’ve just married, for little over 2 months now and definitely is a big change for me. I take this challenge in the good way preparing myself into a woman I’ve always wanted to be. Previously I said I wanted hugs and kisses from him for the V-day. Well, I got more than that and I think I deserve his love haha. He took me out for dinner and gifted me chocolate. How sweet! We talked about random things, and I got so many recalls of precious moments when we first met and hung out. In relationship, serious ones, once we set goal for permanent, work for it, embrace and respect top keys. I hate bearing regrets so better do at best, and I believe we can do all things just up to our choice as rather do it right or other.

Guess what mood I'm in. Shopping like I really mean it lol, it becomes dalily routine now checking out site after site online; and finally come up with a list of beauties:
1. Mini luggage celine: I don't now. It has been what I always wanted just price tag that gets me confused haha. Truly, I could cram many crap into it but picture it on my petite figure, and my daily outfits, I have to rethink.

2. Burberry Bridle house little crush 
I have a crush on you, true! 
3. Vince Camuto Tote Billy 

Have a nice day now! lata!  

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