Mar 24, 2015

17.5 weeks!
2 days ago probably was the best night I ever had because I did not feel sick at all. Most of the nights I feel weird, I cannot describe how discomfort it is but it was the best, I felt light and healthy and like flying lol!!!! Pregnant ladies out there would understand my non-sense wording.
I got questioned often whether I crave for food madly; fortunate for my husband, I don’t. I may tell him I’d like to have it something now, but if there is no way or not able to get it, then it’s fine for me; I could think of something else. Not like others that I heard she would do anything in the world to have a particular food that she craves for; and that could happen at 2am in the morning lol. I love resting so that wouldn’t happen. But funny how I mostly think of places I would love to rest at, like some resorts, by the swimming pool, less crowded places, etc.
And now is the moment I feel HOT all the time. Its annoys me, you can’t picture how the heat today in Ho Chi Minh city! I can’t stand the AC these days because I’m having bad cough ever! Poor my husband, he has to turn off the AC several times at night.
Here what upsets me, I thought at the 17 weeks I would get back to how I was but I just puked horribly before dinner. Second, seafood is my all time favorite but my child doesn’t “like” it (T_T); I get red spots all over my stomach. So I have to ask the doctor next time I see her.
I do try hard to eat more since I want my baby to be healthy though many say pregnant ladies can eat a horse but not me for some reasons... Suddenly I want chocolate bagel with cream cheese from Panera bread!!!!! Too bad Vietnam doesn’t have it! Great! I could be so random on food!!!!

toasted please! I hate seating here and looking at these bagel pictures! 
~Happy Pregnant moment~

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