Mar 12, 2015

16 weeks!!! 
I got loads better from nausea, finally could enjoy food! My weight however has been the same, 51kg all these 4 months so my family gets worried. I don’t really crave for anything’ but when say I front a food court then I know what I want. Most of the time, I think of some sour fruits which ‘indicates it’s girl,’ while those sweets that I craved for before being pregnant bore me out. Yes, I’m having a girl! Yahoo! My experienced friend said some people start to eat non-stop at the 5th month on and the weight starts to rise average 1kg/week. I’m not sure about that but will see. 

Just browsing around my old pics, buffalo wild wings got me go wow. I need them in my life, right now! ;) My hubs took me here last year when I was in New Hampshire and it was Yumm! 

Food happens to me very sudden most of the time. I can’t plan out menu for the next day. It’s weird. Many pregnant woman knows exactly what I want and they could eat 4 dishes at once, not me unless 10 kinds of dishes seat in front of me then I could choose but only 2 dish max. 
at 16th weeks, I’m mostly out of being nausea, but once in a while I still have it and that whole day I get really tired, feel like passing out in seconds, and my head can’t function at all. Plus, I’m out of focus sometimes, my head runs with million things at the same time like colors, food, people; all of sudden they circle in my head so nonsense lol. 

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