May 19, 2013

HongKong 2013 purchases

Little introduction, previously said I had very limited time to shop around town; thank god sasa was right across my hotel! I already had a list of what i wanted to buy so it didn’t take me long, got some face wash for my mom and few stuff for myself. 

foodporn sweet plum - must have; I feel lil guilty buying them bc they are expensive, but they are safe so wth!!! (at the airport)
that’s right smooth and moisture through out the day! too bad, they don’t come in smaller size… I’m mostly into Japanese products after loads of trials. hope this time it won’t disappoint me.  
Fairy drops Mascara - long and curl (~$14), thumb up for water proof bc my eyes get teary sometimes so let’s stay away from smudges. 
Finally found orange tone lipstick that I really like by Just Beyond- Save us! (~$13) and look how cute the bear is! =) very nice packaging as well! here is its look and swatch.

saving the best for last, samsung nx300, I’m loving it! I got white one.
story behind: I asked my dad if i could borrow him $ for it. he asked ‘sure, what special about it?’ Me- ‘it has wi-fi, HD, many cool other functions, but most of all, i like its classic look.’ I bought it at the airport for ~$850, it comes along with the lens and strap. the salesman also gifted me the tripod, 16GB memo card, camera case, cleansing kit, and a travel adapter. 

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