Feb 5, 2015

I am 3 months pregnant!

Which explains why I haven’t blogged since the previous one. I miss writing, sharing my thoughts to the ‘world’.
This is my first time being pregnant, I am nervous but exciting same time, so is my husband. I’m still in my first trimester and it has been hard though it’s getting a lot better from nausea, sleepy, dizzy, so on. First 2 months, I kept vomiting all day but thanks to my husband who has been there for me all time. He cares which means a lot to me. Though he could not bear the nausea for me but I knew he would if he could. Right now, I only feel sick around dinner time till I sleep. Therefore, I try to eat in the morning and in the afternoon. I mostly eat banana at night time.
When I got to 6.5 weeks, I heard my baby’s heart beat, I couldn’t describe how I felt but it was super emotional/tense; I barely replied to the doctor’s questions properly.
Many pregnant women got high-temper (according to what I researched), or sensitive towards anything; fortunately I don’t get angry but just silently upset. I have to admit that my nose gets so sensitive like the smell of my drunk husband, woods, fruits, trash, etc. LOL It’s hard for me to hug him when he’s drunk because I may puke and that’s not nice. I also can’t stand garlic, fish sauce,etc….I also could cry from movies in 1 second, very emotional!
During this first trimester, I haven’t gained much weights, yet; but I could see the little bump. Those jeans, skinny pants, etc are no longer wearable! I heard from the 4th month on I may see massive change. I don’t mind gaining weights, I could work it out later. All I mind is to have a healthy baby.
~Time to go, later!

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